Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It has been said...

an apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Someone you cherish is considered the apple of your eye. To keep both in mind, I'm calling this pattern...Apple of my Heart.

Materials needed for a 5 1/2 inch square
Worsted weight yarn in: white, red, pink, green, light green, and brown
G hook
Yarn needle

To start: chain 24, single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across (23 sc). Follow chart. After the last charted row, do not break yarn. Chain 1, 3 single crochet in the first sc to make corner, single crochet across to next corner (21 sc), 3 sc for corner, single crochet along side edge evenly, then across the beginning chain loops and along remaining side edge making 3 sc in each corner. Fasten off yarn and weave in all ends.
Make one, make a few, make a lot. Items made can be used for fundraising and the pattern is free, just be sure you give the credit to me.

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